Yacht and Sailboat Racing On The Chesapeake Bay

News, Analysis and Automation for Racing on the Bay

Welcome to Chesbay.net - your source for the scoop on yacht and sailboat racing information on the Chesapeake Bay.

Within this site, you'll find the latest local racing schedules, sailing news and events as well as links to other important and relevant stuff. But there's a lot more. Chesbay.net offers two valuable services to our membership - Analysis of upcoming races and conditions, and development of automation tools for racing sailors.  What does this mean for you, the local racer?

Our focus is on the local races and local conditions. Many sailing sites offer lots of useful help, but are really focused on the big-boys - America's Cup, Olympic  or premier one-design sailing. Interesting reading but of limited use to the sailor in Galesville on a typical Wednesday night. We provide a mix of news, tips, tricks, weather and other useful tools. Catering to our local sailors.

But more importantly, we offer analysis of weather conditions, currents, and other race features for upcoming races to help you plan your race. This premium service will help give you the edge.

And we are developing, writing about and eventually selling computer tools for sailors - applications to help you interpret the winds and currents on the course and to evaluate your race afterwards - again - with the local flavor.  Coaching from the internet at a price you can afford. You can read more about automation developments here...

So welcome and feel free to browse around. Look over the tips and tricks for sailors from beginner to advanced. And subscribe to the premium service to get the pre-race analysis for bay races this season.

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