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J35 Mid Atlantic Regatta, November 4,5,6, 2011
Well, what a weekend! Fantastic racing in a very broad spectrum of conditions. And some drills to boot! First, thanks to the crew - I really enjoyed sailing with y'all for 3 days, through all the bumps and bruises! Second, thanks to the RC - you guys did ...
Nov 7, 2011
6:27:00 AM
2010 J35 MidAtlantic Regatta Recap. November 5,6,7 2010
We finished in last place. Disheartening to say the least. But we did have our moments. Generally, we seemed to have good boatspeed. And when we didn't, we were able to fix that quickly. But the wind was generally oscillating quite a bit and we never got ...
Nov 8, 2010
10:56:00 AM
The Ideal Development Platform - J35
The development platform we've been looking for - a J35, excellent instrumentation, fairly inexpensive.
Sep 1, 2009
9:10:00 PM