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Backstay Adjustments
There are many controls we have for adjusting the shape of our sails. Let's focus for a moment on adjustments to the backstay. Backstay control is a key feature for most racing boats. So if your boat doesn't have a backstay adjustment, go get one :-) The ...
Feb 24, 2011
3:04:00 PM
Improving as a Racer; Part 3, Heel Angle and Balance
Unless you are sailing a high-end boat with water ballast or a movable keel (in which case, you probably aren't reading this anyway), then a key aspect of getting faster is adjusting the balance of the boat side-to-side and fore-and aft. How do we do ...
Feb 25, 2010
4:19:00 PM
Improving as a Racer, Part 2.5, More on the Sails
A big question is how "good" do the sails need to be for a developing sailor. And how do we know? I want to be able to say something like "ignore high-tech fabrics" or "Go to a used-sail loft" or something. But I'm realizing ...
Feb 24, 2010
1:09:00 PM
Improving as a Racer, Part 2, the Sails
I'm always a bit amazed at the poor condition of sails on many sailboats. As a sailor, these are the engines of the boat. Otherwise, we're powerboaters! But for the improving racer, how important are the sails? This is really a question about sail shape. ...
Feb 23, 2010
2:13:00 PM
Improving as a Racer, Part 1, the Undersides
Getting better is a matter of making fewer mistakes. But what is a mistake? Let's start by looking at the underside of the boat.
Feb 13, 2010
9:41:00 AM