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Improving as a Racer, Part 2.5, More on the Sails
A big question is how "good" do the sails need to be for a developing sailor. And how do we know? I want to be able to say something like "ignore high-tech fabrics" or "Go to a used-sail loft" or something. But I'm realizing ...
Feb 24, 2010
1:09:00 PM
Improving as a Racer, Part 2, the Sails
I'm always a bit amazed at the poor condition of sails on many sailboats. As a sailor, these are the engines of the boat. Otherwise, we're powerboaters! But for the improving racer, how important are the sails? This is really a question about sail shape. ...
Feb 23, 2010
2:13:00 PM
The affects of current on apparent wind
There are many mis-perceptions about currents and how to work in them. Especially in distance races such as the overnight Governor's Cup and Solomon's Island races, skippers often work towards deep water what the current is in a strong ebb, and towards ...
Feb 15, 2010
1:32:00 PM