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J35 Mid Atlantic Regatta Wind/Weather Forecast

High pressure for this week is predicted to remain in control until Saturday night late when a cold front will push in bringing cooler temps and northerly winds. When the front arrives seems to be up in the air (ha ha). Also a question about Hurricane Sandy and when/if that will affect us at all Sunday

Very early Wind and weather forecast for 10/26-28 off Thomas Point:

Winds E 5-6 kts.
Winds NE 3kts
Winds NE, ENE 5kts, backing and diminishing through the afternoon.
Low Tide: 09:02, High Tide: 15:12
High Temp: upper-60s

As a strategic matter, this means we will look for oscillations in wind until around 1:30PM or so, when we should look for a persistent backing.

Winds E 5-6 kts. Starting to veer to SE in the late afternoon.
Winds NE 8-9 Kts, Backing in the late afternoon.
Winds NE 9 kts, increasing and veering in the late afternoon.
Low Tide: 09:37, High Tide: 16:02
High Temp: mid-60s

Strategy, Start looking for the persistent veer in the later races (maybe only the last race), so head right upwind.

Winds NNW 11 kts. Starting to veer to SE in the late afternoon.
Winds: NNE 13-15, backing in the afternoon
Winds NNE 13-16, backing in the late afternoon, probably after we're done.
Low Tide: 10:09, High Tide: 16:46
High Temp: mid-50s

Strategy, work the oscillations, watch for a back in the late race.

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