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Backstay Adjustments
There are many controls we have for adjusting the shape of our sails. Let's focus for a moment on adjustments to the backstay. Backstay control is a key feature for most racing boats. So if your boat doesn't have a backstay adjustment, go get one :-) The ...
Feb 24, 2011
3:04:00 PM
Barber Hauling on Close Reaches
A useful, but sometimes forgotten technique when reaching under a genoa is to Barber-haul the tack out and open up the slot.
Sep 8, 2010
10:02:00 AM
Improving as a Racer; Part 3, Heel Angle and Balance
Unless you are sailing a high-end boat with water ballast or a movable keel (in which case, you probably aren't reading this anyway), then a key aspect of getting faster is adjusting the balance of the boat side-to-side and fore-and aft. How do we do ...
Feb 25, 2010
4:19:00 PM
Improving as a Racer, Part 2.5, More on the Sails
A big question is how "good" do the sails need to be for a developing sailor. And how do we know? I want to be able to say something like "ignore high-tech fabrics" or "Go to a used-sail loft" or something. But I'm realizing ...
Feb 24, 2010
1:09:00 PM
Improving as a Racer, Part 2, the Sails
I'm always a bit amazed at the poor condition of sails on many sailboats. As a sailor, these are the engines of the boat. Otherwise, we're powerboaters! But for the improving racer, how important are the sails? This is really a question about sail shape. ...
Feb 23, 2010
2:13:00 PM
The affects of current on apparent wind
There are many mis-perceptions about currents and how to work in them. Especially in distance races such as the overnight Governor's Cup and Solomon's Island races, skippers often work towards deep water what the current is in a strong ebb, and towards ...
Feb 15, 2010
1:32:00 PM
Improving as a Racer, Part 1, the Undersides
Getting better is a matter of making fewer mistakes. But what is a mistake? Let's start by looking at the underside of the boat.
Feb 13, 2010
9:41:00 AM
Being A Good New Crew, Part 3, Learn a Job
Once you've gotten the lingo and have started observing and reporting, the next step is to learn a job.
Feb 7, 2010
12:25:00 PM
Being A Good New Crew, Part 2, Learn the Lingo
There are a lot of weird words used in sailing, and in racing in particular. Learn them and you'll know more about what's happening on the course. This is a glossary of sorts.
Jan 28, 2010
8:40:00 PM
How to be Good Crew
Skippers are always looking for new crew. Here's what you should do to get invited back. Part 1 - Observe and communicate.
Jan 14, 2010
4:14:00 PM
Sailing and Racing Basic Concepts
New crew usually need to understand some basic concepts before going out on a race for the first time. Things like, "heeling", "tacking", "jibing", and so on.
Aug 22, 2009
12:02:00 PM