Premium Service and Pricing

So, Why Would I Pay for This?

Prior to each weekend event, we take a close look at the weather, tides and currents. We provide you with an analysis of the expected evolution of these features over the period of the race so that you can include them in your course planning.  Individual analysis is available to our subscribers either on this site or as a download-able (and printable) PDF file. If you are interested in our analysis software, you can read about it here...

This premium service is offered as either a subscription or as a per-event purchase with prices as follows:
  • Annual Subscription Service: $250.
  • Individual Event Purchase Price: $25.
Our subscribers will be automatically notified by email when the analysis of an upcoming race is available (usually a few days prior, but as soon as NOAA weather and wind forecasts are available). We also make these  available for individual purchase at that point. But importantly, as the weather forecast is updated, we update and republish these analyses. So you get both early and latest, updated predictions.

Compare this pricing to our competitors - we're confident we'll come out on top.